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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why can't I have oreos every day?

Oh me oh my. It is more of a struggle than I realized to stay away from the treats that are delivered with the rest of the groceries every Monday. There are brownies, elf fudge cookies, oreos, red vines, chips, sodas, avocados, and more in the fridge, all fair game! A woman can only be so strong.

Exercise: Walking 2.8 miles roundtrip to and from my office.

Breakfast: Special K with strawberries, Silk lite, 2 Dove chocolate pieces.

Snack: apple

Lunch: delicious burrito! 1 flour tortilla, 1/2 c. of vegetable salsa, steamed and sliced baby bellas and spinach, 3/4 c. my own refried beans, sprinkle of Mexican blend cheese. Then a brownie cookie.

Snack: yoplait light blackberry flavor, 1/2 a huge-ass banana, a few dried cranberries.

I'm thinking about doing away with dinner altogether, simply because my work hours are from 10am-7pm and I end up eating my lunch and snacks so much later in the day. When I get home from work, a mug of hot tea and a few nibbles of whatever's around seems to suffice.

Off course, feeling full after work at night is all thrown off-course if I unexpectedly have to pass a second round of night soil (the first round being expelled in the morning, before my shower).

It'll also depend on whether or not I start exercising more intensely in the mornings. Methinks that if I get back to my DC levels of exercise, I'll have to eat 3 meals a day.

---Simon arrives---

I guess it also depends on if I'm hanging out with Simon. He's sleeping over tonight so we drove over to the downtown Culver City area and ate at the cheap, fresh, and delicious Tender Greens restaurant. Cafeteria style, their specialties are hotplates: mashed potatoes, your choice of salad, and your choice of protein. Simon had the flank steak strips, and I had braised lamb cheeks! So juicy, so tender. I saved half my meat and my potatoes for lunch some other day this week. All I have to do for that meal is make a fresh salad and I'll be good to go.

Finally: Simon and I worked out a budget for me now that my new job has started. I'll be spending 10% of my paycheck on food and dining. 


Blogger Digsy said...

yay you're so mature, budget and everything.

also good job on cooking your own meals.

lamb cheeks sound very tender.

January 8, 2009 at 12:07 PM  
Blogger Teddy Bear said...

You have food delivered to you every Monday? You are so lucky!

Teddy Bear

January 9, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

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