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Friday, January 9, 2009

I miss this place

Exercise: only 1.8 mi. today, as Simon picked me up part-way home on my walk from work.

Breakfast: Special K with strawberries

Snack: dried cranberries, one orange

Lunch: Tuna nicoise salad. BNF caters lunch every other Friday! How posh is that? The salad included canned tuna (kind of a disappointment as I was expecting those tuna squares that are raw in the middle, crusted with sesame seeds and seared on all sides), hardboiled egg, olives, carrots, and dressing. And it came with the creamiest, most delicious slightly spicy cup of tomato basil bisque. I LOVE white people soup! And also a few wedges of sourdough to go with the soup.

Snack: Various Ghirardelli chocolate squares, gelt (that's chocolate coins, for all you goyim out there), oreos, and other shameful things throughout the day. And also, I lied to you about yesterday night's snack: I actually had TWO Cadbury Creme eggs (2/$1)

Dinner: a horribly mediocre and understaffed cheap Japanese place! I had the tempura udon and a "Hungry Roll" - crab on the inside, unagi and salmon on the outside. Meh. I wish I lived in a town where people drank their dinner, like in D.C. I miss happy hour!

Snack: Dove chocolates and Citron Tea. 


Blogger Teddy Bear said...

Why was the sushi just mediocre?

January 11, 2009 at 7:22 PM  

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