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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octo-Mom Angelina Look-Alike

Exercise: 3 miles biked, 45 minutes elliptical. 3 sets each bench press, shoulder press, chest curl, shoulder lift (forward and out to the side), bicep curls.

Breakfast: Oatmeal packet, stolen silk, raisin pack

Lunch: White rice and fried fish from last Friday (it was still really good!)

Snack: freakish stress snacking: 3 cookies and a hot chocolate. Work has been crazy hectic lately and I just can't deal! Biran advised me today to just get a bar of dark chocolate and break off a piece if I need to "take the edge off" (ha ha ha) instead of sugary cookies and hot chocolates. I think that's a great idea!

Dinner: 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup green tea, 1 mochi with red bean filling.

What are people feeling about the Octo-Mom Angelina lookalike? I read in the LA Times that people were outraged on a number of levels: her irresponsibility, her irrationality, etc. I thought it was fascinating to watch the progression of the news coverage on the births - first from medical marvel, pledges of charity and support, to confusion when her background and homelife were made public (single, 6 other children, no income), to outrage and vilification.

I talked to my friend IK (I think of him as "the smart one") and he said that it would have been an interesting situation if it were transferred to a country with state-provided health care: If a woman on disability and welfare with six children came to an IV clinic and asked to have more embryos implanted, the hospital would have red-flagged her case and denied the fertility treatment on behalf of the state welfare system.

My Mom had the best breakdown, though. She said:

When people say they are angry at her, they're really just mad about welfare in general. For me, since there aren't any laws yet against having too many children, or how to have children, she has done something within her legal rights. I pay taxes, and I know where all my withheld pay goes. Taxes are for welfare, and welfare is for people who can't support themselves. I understand this system, and I'm OK with it.

What do you all think about her?


Blogger Apellido Aurum said...

i think people have a right to be mad. this is not a typical welfare mom. this is a dumbass who already had 6 kids and decided to get artificial insemination... then she found out she was going to have 7+ kids and decided to keep them all anyway. all right, so she doesnt believe in abortion. but you better believe in being able to support the lives you bring into the world. the way she is, it seems like she is content to let not only the goverment but her PARENTS take care of her FOURTEEN CHILDREN. it's madness. i think im more pissed off that her parents are struggling more than the fact that the gov has to give her aid. i wouldnt want her to get no gov aid, 'cause that's not fair to the children. so as much as it's annoying that she's getting aid, ultimately it's better off that way.

February 10, 2009 at 10:59 PM  
Blogger Digsy said...

that is awesome and it totally reminded me of Apu too!

February 11, 2009 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger AA said...

Yeah I feel sorry for her parents too. They're clearly stressed out, and rightfully so. I asked Simon what he thought about her and this is what he said:

I honestly could not give less of a shit about this than I already do.


February 11, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

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